Re: A83: OT: Off topic, but interesting


Re: A83: OT: Off topic, but interesting

Steven M Thompson wrote:

> Nathan Gaylinn wrote:
> >Is it possible to have a rom chip w/ the same i/o set up as the ram
> >chip in a TI calc? What changes would have to be made? I know this is
> out
> >there, but the implications are wonderful, a plug in cartridge w/ an
> >entire calc's ram stored in it permanently! Is this possible? Has
> >this been considered before? I want input. What do you guys think?
> How much more like a game boy do you want the 83 to be??? Unless
> you're talking about an external storage device and not just more things
> to enhance calculator games.
> -Steve T. (AKA Fuzmeister)

Both, you can store anything you want in a ram chip, more games, or
programs, more data, more graphs, anything! The gaming possibilities I must
admit are the best ones, but as programmers we should appreciate that. What
if you had one chip w/ ion, and one w/ ashell? Or, what if you where really
into pics? Want more than ten without a special utility? You got it! But of
course, I have no idea how this would work out. We would need a rom chip w/
the same configuration as the ram, and it might require drastic changes to
the calc, perhaps too drastic to make it worth while, who knows. Anyway, I
bet there are plenty of people in the TI community that would be interested
in this.

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