Re: A83: Tutorials Update...


Re: A83: Tutorials Update...

> Hey!
> I loved your first fifteen tutorials, but i can't get the updated ones. I
> went to one site, but its file was bad... I forget which one. Now I know
> you're here. so... Where can I find them for Windows 3.11 . Or, if
> possible, could you please send me a copy. 
> I also think that whatever you have on anything ("Implement Grapher") you
> should include. Any information, whether complete or rough should stay.
> Even if you put it in an unfinished section...
> Thanks a lot,
> Nat Sith

Hehe, my new tutorials have all these fancy things that they can do
(customized menus, buttons,  macros etc.)  I'll take those out, and
hopefully Win3.1 users can use them...perhaps will a little less
functionality, but they should still teach you ASM! :)

Well, the implement grapher tutorial would be limited to 2 rom calls that
basically just display what is in Y1 - Y0, not too useful.  Perhaps, I'll
combine "Circles" and "Grapher"...?