Re: A83: Re: asm journals


Re: A83: Re: asm journals

> Only get James' tutorial if you want to hear about how god like Bill
Nagel is
> =)
> Other than that its OK

Dude, read the rest of the far did you get?  Wait, ok...ok,
this is the "Thanks" section.

"...First and foremost to Olle Hedman, Hannes Edfeldt (Movax), Ian Graf and
Harper Maddox for all their help, the ICQ talks, the algorithms, and
everything else.  Now to — Bill Nagel for the inspiration (shame it stops
there).  To Andrew Ungvarsky for all the help and e-mails!  To Ahmed
El-Helw for the tutorials and sprite explanation.  Matt Johnson for the
great tutorials, ICQ talks, help.  Trent Lillehuaugen for the great
tutorials (especially the stack one!).  Brad Plumer for subjecting his Ti
to my programs, and listening to me rave on how I have made a program that
deletes any program call prgmBrad!  Joe Wingbermuehle for all the help, ICQ
talks, and more.  And the rest of…"

NOW you tell me I love BN...?! :)...ok dude, if you insist.  So even if I
do, who gives at rat's-ass, I there's still 53 tutorials on ASM. =Ž...