A83: Re: Re: Re: Assembly-83 Digest V1 #466


A83: Re: Re: Re: Assembly-83 Digest V1 #466

>much else I can think of, but it might take some experimenting.
>Like I said before, I'm almost 100% sure it is possible.

ok, so i suppoes it could be done if...

1. the program was only run from the home screen

2. the stack was cleared before hand

3. the program was then run

4. after words you would have to jump to the rom call for the home
screen prompt.

you would have to emulate the process used when you get an error
message. like when your assembly program is running and some unexpected
error occurs and it junps to ERR:DOMAIN. after you press enter it
returns to the home screen without any problems. but let me ask, why
would you want to do this? the only use i see is if you had a hidden
shell that was run from an interrupt handler. and all other programs
would be hidden and run by it.