A83: Re: Memory map


A83: Re: Memory map

how about you try www.ti.com
i think they released this information about a year and a half ago
check out the "System Memory Information" for the 83
thats how most of us have learned how to use the vat

-Harper Maddox

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From: Alan C Johnson <benjamin99@juno.com>
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Date: Sunday, September 13, 1998 3:23 PM
Subject: A83: Memory map

>Could anyone with enough knowledge of the way the RAM is plotted out make
>a memory map, or at least a partial one?  The rason I want to know this
>is because I want to know how long certain memory locations are, and
>where exactly they start and end.  I'm looking mostly for CMDSHADOW,
>TEXTSHADOW, STATVARS, PLOTSSCREEN, the flags, some of the single byte
>areas (like Getkey storage, PENCOL, CURROW, CURCOL, and PENROW), the VAT,
>the PROGPTR, and the stack.  Is there anything I missed?
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