A83: Re: Maillist ediquitte/some other stuff


A83: Re: Maillist ediquitte/some other stuff

Nothing like a new guy who starts off his first post with a bang! :)...

I MUST agree with the first comment he made...my background routine
tutorial has been attached to EVERY single one the replies!!  That's kinda
unneccessary, don't you think.  Especially when *some* people love those
one line, one word answers...then attach a freaking 150+ line message along
w/it...that's ok.  Don't do the opposite like *other* people...not
attaching anything, so we're left in the dark about wtf you're talking

The "you suck" too...but no-one does that here (right, guys?!)

The other points I couldn't really give a rats-ass about....:)  But he does
have a point.

Oh, and Eric, about that ROM Call stuff, I'm interested...e-mail me again,
and we can talk some more.


James Matthews (matthews@tkb.att.ne.jp)

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> From: Eric Shattow <ribbit@uss.net>
> To: assembly-83@lists.ticalc.org
> Subject: A83: Maillist ediquitte/some other stuff
> Date: Sunday, September 13, 1998 4:56 AM
> first off, i'm new to assembly programming (much less on calculators),
and i don't like my mailbox being flooded with maillist messages, so i
> have been recieving the messages in digest mode. It's really great, and
you all should try it sometime, provided that the users of the list