Re: A83: Re: dead calc!!!


Re: A83: Re: dead calc!!!

Then how do you explain that I can remove all my (the calculator's) batteries
for some seconds, then replace them, and then have all memory intact?


On 11-Sep-98, Joe Wingbermuehle wrote:

>I'm serious! It causes the power to the calculator to be turned off and on
>really fast causing the calculator to reset, at least in my case.

>Joe Wingbermuehle

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>Date: Friday, September 11, 1998 11:32 AM
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>>On 10-Sep-98, Joe Wingbermuehle wrote:
>>>Another neat trick I just found is spinning the batteries around inside
>>>calculator in circles while pressing on.
>>Yeah, and paint your car in a greenish colour. It helps, promise. =)

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