Re: A83: Question about compares.


Re: A83: Question about compares.

And jr, but you can only use what? zero and carry with jr?


>Well, you can put anything between the cp and whatever that doesn't
>affect the system flags (z&nz, c&nc, pe, po, m, any more?).  Only CALL
>and JP can use it though.
>>I have a question about 'compare' and 'conditional jumps'... Am I 
>>right to
>>beleive that the one line after a 'cp' is read for that statement? 
>>Also, does
>>it ONLY have to be jump, either 'jp' or 'jr' ?  For example, would 
>>this code
>>be ASM Legal...?
>> ... 
>> ld a, (value) ; I'm going to compare to test what's in 
>> cp 1 ; If the cp was zero, this Next 
>>ONE line would be exec?
>> ld b, 10 ; But if "cp 1" was nz, dont carry out 
>>THIS line?
>> cp 2 ; But if the value WAS '1', THIS 
>>line wouldnt be tested, 
>> ld b, 12 ; and THIS line would Not be carried 
>> ...
>>Am I wrong to think this, and just kinda messed up, or is this 
>>I hope I dont have to do a different label in each compare just to do 
>>one "ld
>>command for each... someone clarify me on this please, thanx... =)
>> --Jason 
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