Re: A83: School


Re: A83: School

>cool, but will it let you unhide? oh and if you would
>be so kind to put the two abilities in the same >progie? or if you
don' t have the time could you
>give me the "bare bones" source well commented pls,
>if you do it it might actualy get done though :-)
>( I am short on free time for about a month and
>a half...)

Yes you can hide or unhide.  The only problem is that it has to change
the first letter of the name with a space ( x < 41h) to hide it.  To
unhide it, I tell it to put an 'A' as the first letter.  I need to
make it where you can select the letter you want.  It shouldn't be
hard.  I'll try and find the source.
  I could put the abilities all in the same one but what would be the
point of unprotecting a hidden program?  I'll work on it.


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