A83: Fwd: HAL has been updated


A83: Fwd: HAL has been updated

Forwarded message:
Subj:    HAL has been updated
Date:    97-08-10 19:49:58 EDT
From:    EggplFarms
To:      CALC-TI@lists.ppp.ti.com,TGaArdvark

Check out the newest version of HAL at:
 http://members.aol.com/EggplFarms/HAL   (/index.html)

In this version, SuperHAL is more like notepad (one window at a time),
SuperHAL will not cut off lines at the end of saved programs anymore,
SuperHAL can handle up to 60k of source code (tested), SuperHAL will
open associated programs when launched by them, and you should not
get the divide error. Also, the help file is a little longer.

TICALC.ORG and TI-FILES: you downloaded and posted HAL without
authorization or permission by anyone affiliated with HAL, so it's your
job to keep your copy up-to-date. I may not alert you every time HAL
is updated.