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General News

30 May 1996 - Screen shots and information on Fargo (an assembly shell for the TI-92) available.
13 Mar 1996 - An HTML 3.0 frames version of this page is available.
1 Mar 1996 - Our FTP mirror is no longer available (its host has discontinued the service); links removed.
29 Jan 1996 - Broke 25,000 hits. Way to go!
Jan 1996 - Happy New Year!
Dec 1995 - Happy Holidays!
21 Nov 1995 - ZShell v4.0 released, adding compatibility with newer TI-85s.
=] Chat log of the release party

Page News

Page Revisions

No updates are being made at this time. I am preparing for the opening of, an Internet server dedicated to TI graphing calculators. It will contain the complete content of this site (as well as some others) and include an FTP archive and much more. As of this time, the server is online, and in the next month InterNIC will have registered the domain name, and the server will go public. It will be worth the wait; I promise. In the meantime, watch the mailing lists for the latest TI material.

31 Mar 1996 - Added BASE HREF tags for Prodigy compatibility.
13 Mar 1996 - Code changes (v2.7) Including:
=] Alternative frames version added
=] PICS ratings embedded in all pages
=] Imagemap added to Getting a calculator page
2 Mar 1996 - Changed all binary files to ZIP or UUE files for browser compatibility.
1 Mar 1996 - Shortened all link references, resulting in smaller code sizes and more compatibility.
11 Jan 1996 - The row of icons at the top of the page is now an imagemap; click on an icon to jump to the appropriate section.
5 Jan 1996 - Cosmetic changes (v2.6) Including:
=] New background color and logo image
=] Separate http and ftp links for files
25 Nov 1995 - Near-complete overhaul (v2.5) Changes include:
=] Reorganized content into several pages
=] Modified dates to reflect the year
=] Removed TI-80 references due to lack of interest
=] Added Buyer's Guide and decision-maker
=] Reorganized and rated Internet links
=] New graphics (color! color!)
8 Nov 1995 - Added Internet Links table (v2.2)
6 Oct 1995 - Added access counter
13 Sept 1995 - Added graphical toolbar (v2.1)
11 Sept 1995 - Added Netscape enhancements (v2.0)

About the page

This page went up in June 1995. It was (and still is) written by hand in good ol' HTML code, without the use of any authoring tools. I do my own layout, organization, content maintenance, and graphics. My goal is to provide the definitive source for information on TI graphing calculators on the Internet.

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All company names used herein are trademarks of their respective owners. Information found on this page is used at your own risk. Material is not to be copied from this page without the prior consent of the author.

Contacting the author

Send e-mail to smack@dnclab.Berkeley.EDU. I'll respond to just about anything :)

May I link to this page?

Absolutely. The address is:


Some of this page's accomplishments

This page was chosen for the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse's November 1995 Digital Dozen.

This page has been accessed [MANY!] times since 6 Oct 1995.

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